It all began in 1978….

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In May 1989, Arbroath Choral presented the main concert in Orleans Cathedral at the Joan of Arc celebrations, singing to an audience of over 1,500 and receiving a standing ovation.  Jane became known in their local paper as “La Rousse”.  The French could not quite believe that a woman was the conductor our choir!

Musical Directors

1978 – 1994                                  Jane Miller

1995 – 2005                                 Helen Addison

2005 –  present                          Jane Miller

Our Choral Society has been blessed with two very fine Musical Directors and a number of excellent accompanists.  We thank these two ladies most sincerely for the very fine contributions that they have both made over all these years.

We also thank all the past and present accompanists, presidents, committees, choristers, soloists, orchestra members and all other helpers, for their hard work in helping to bring choral music to our community.


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